Government of Nepal

National Reconstruction Authority

Central Level Project Implementation Unit (Education)

Gyaneshwor, Kathmandu


  1. School reconstruction shall be expedited in collaboration with support from various agencies. Support and resources available from development partners, humanitarian organizations & persons, government & non  government agencies shall be mobilized for school reconstruction.
  2. ‘Build Back Better’ policy shall be adopted.
  3. Child friendly, environment friendly, gender friendly and disaster resilience school infrastructure shall be reconstructed.
  4. Nepal National Building Construction Code and related construction standards shall be followed.
  5. For the deepened ownership of the school reconstruction School Management Committee, Parent Teacher Association, Teachers, Students and the local people shall be participated in the process and monitoring of the construction work.
  6. Structural management and capacity development of the staff shall be an activity of high priority to effectively implement the projects.
  7. School reconstruction shall be focused in more affected 31 districts. However, Earthquake Emergency Assistance Project (EEAP) and Emergency School Reconstruction Project shall be implemented in the seriously affected 14 districts.
  8. Local technology and materials shall be utilized as far as possible
  9. Professional construction companies & contractors shall be mobilized to construct the school infrastructures. Moreover, activities shall be brought together to ensure local participation.
  10. Regular capital grant from the Government of Nepal shall be mobilized through DLPIUs.
  11. A comprehensive working guideline shall be developed with regard to effective implementation of the school.